E-sports And The Role It Can Play In Our Life
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E-sports And The Role It Can Play In Our Life

*E-sports and it’s role in our lives*

*What is eSports? *

eSports (electronic sports) is a name allotted to the online multiplayer games and their competitions that are played by professional gamers.

*It’s History:*
Electronic games were introduced to the people in about 1950s and so were it’s competitions but the players could only play against the computer. After quite some years and numerous amendments, came the first-ever tournament in October 1972! It had 24 players competing against each other and the game was called “Spacewar”. Today, esports is a very vast and successful field.

*Why are eSports important in our life?*

* Brain Development and Overall Wellbeing:
eSports play a vital role in the development of one’s personality and skills. Although esports is considered more of ‘games’ and less of a ‘sport’ due to the lack of physical activity, it has proven to have a positive effect in developing a child’s brain as kids who play esports for a healthy time turn out to be better at maths and reading as compared to the ones who don’t.

* Less prone to developing Bad Habits:
As kids spend more time at home playing games or are more focused on them, they rarely gravitate towards other bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc.

* Promotes Teamwork and other practical skills:
Teamwork is a cornerstone of esports. Many games allow players to play in a team, side by side, against other players. This develops a sense of teamwork and harmony in the players which is also vitally needed in practical life. Other than that, the player develops better communication and pressure handling skills.

* Growing Industry:
Esports is the fastest growing industry in today’s time. It has managed to generate more revenue than Hollywood and other industries of such nature.

•• However, it is very important to find the balance and keep it. It can be really testing but one must learn self-control in order to get the most benefits and least drawbacks. It is recommended that parents pay attention to the gaming duration of child and keep it in check.

*Negative Aspect of Esports:*

Here are a few negative effects that eSport addicts may face:
* Kids and even adults can get addicted to these games and so can end up wasting a lot of their precious time.
* Long hours of sitting often lead to back problems.
* Excessive games can lead to mental health issues.
* Loud sounds can damage ears.
* Gamers have a higher chance of becoming antisocial.
* Can lead to frustration and anger issues.

E-sports And The Role It Can Play In Our Life
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