Don’t Have As Many Friends As I Thought I Had

I used to think that I’ve got a lot of friends and people around, who care about me. These days I’m realizing different, as it turns out that I haven’t really got ‘a lot’ or as many as I thought so.

From my side, I always put in maximum effort in keeping up the friendship and try my level best to do what friends are supposed to.. without any expectations of return from them.

Recently, I was feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t in the right headspace so I didn’t ring or text anyone myself, and to my disbelief, no one checked in on me! Not even a single person, apart from my family and yeah.. my best friend (thank god for it).

Although I’m trying to keep myself positive it’s really not helping. it hurts to accept the grave reality that there isn’t really anyone who cares. Maybe they all just reply me back out of duty, and NOT care.

Don’t Have As Many Friends As I Thought I Had

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