Do save me leg piece

This story has all imaginary characters that the writer has built via observation and imagination.
This story was sent by Malla.

She waited for the next car to pass in a pretty green dress. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were torn from places. Her feet were bare and there was dirt on her face. Hour after hour,


passed but no one stopped to help her. Things had been hard at her house; her family had been suffering from starvation. She looked at her feet and saw the skin tearing off from places; her hands had wounds all over them from working overtime.

Finally, a man with a black Chevrolet slowed his car but much to her consternation, it was only to throw the trash away. Madeline had been so engrossed in her disappointment that she almost missed the car stopping behind it. This was a truck of sorts but it did not matter to her. All she wanted was to get home in time with food for her family. The man was very gracious with her, making sure she had everything she needed for the journey. It was true that he was sitting way too close to her for comfort, in her opinion, but she did not have many choices to pick from. At long last, her house came and the man eyed her suggestively, thinking she would invite him in.

“Of course,” said Madeline, “Would you like to come inside?”

The man got out of his truck and wiped the sweat off of his face looking at her with hungry eyes. He was surprised to the girl’s family waiting inside; he had expected the house to be empty. It wasn’t just that the family was present inside the house; it was as if they were waiting for him. An elderly woman welcomed him with fresh flowers and a man hurriedly gave him some fruits and carbs for his diet. Now the man was beginning to freak out. Who were these people and where was the pretty girl that he had wanted to be alone with?

“Where do you think you are going?” said Madeline suddenly appearing at the sight of the man leaving.

“Home,” he said, “I had thought of this invitation as something else.”

“Oh no, you were right in thinking I wanted you here!”

“Really?” he asked.

“Sure, just follow me,” she said as she went to the kitchen.

The ray of hope was glinting again in the man’s eyes as he followed her to the kitchen. Just as he entered, someone banged a frying pan to the back of his head making him faint.

“Would this be enough?” Madeline asked her brother as he prepared the knives to cut the man’s meat.

“You know we have relatives coming over,” he said, “I am afraid we would be needed more raw meat.”

“Fine, I will have grandma drive me to the road again, but I must warn you,” she said, “I don’t have many takers today.”

“It is okay, as long as the human you bring in is breathing.”

“Do save me a leg piece if you can,” she said as she went back to the highway, searching for another human to lure into her house under false pretences again.

Do save me leg piece

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