Disappointed My Family By Getting Them Drugstore Christmas Gifts

Due to work, I live away from my family. We do meet but it’s usually only on special occasions as we live far apart, in completely different cities. Whenever we have a family reunion, we give each other presents and lots of love.

Every time we meet, we have the best time together but last Christmas was a disappointment to them from my side. We FaceTimed a couple of days before Christmas and everyone was just so excited about the gifts they bought for each other. They asked me and I said that I too had bought them some mind blowing gifts. Unfortunately, I went with the flow and raved about them a lot. Hence, raising their expectations. When in reality, I hadn’t even bought a thing! And so I thought of what I could get last minute.

I was procrastinating and didn’t wanted to go out of budget. I ended up going to the drugstore and buying them some cheap gifts just a day before Christmas and gifted them.

They bought me some really amazing gifts but in return, got some cheap stuff. Safe to say, they were pretty disappointed as they believed what I previously said.. although they didn’t really say anything of that sort but the disappointment could be seen painted clearly on their faces as they unwrapped.

Disappointed My Family By Getting Them Drugstore Christmas Gifts

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