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CyberBullying and How You Can Protect Yourself?

We all know that the internet has turned this enormous world into a mere global village. It has brought us all together and knit all of us, and our lives with one another. But it also empowers cyberbullying. It has opened to us limitless fields of possibilities and opportunities. We wouldn’t be able to list each and every benefit of the internet even if we wanted to. Because with each passing day, comes its increasing benefits and fame.

But the internet does not come without its own sweet n sour drawbacks. One of the main ones being cyberbullying and the user’s addition to it.

As the internet is so widely and easily available all around the world, it’s difficult to keep check the content that goes on to it. Anyone can post anything on the internet. Be it good or bad. Be it morally and theoretically correct, or wrong. People from the whole world surf the internet and so, often come across content that either hurt their sentiments or, disagree with. A bunch of negative news floats the internet and so, excessive viewing of it leads to internet-based depression.

1- Set A Timetable

Finding a balance is the key step that prevents adverse health effects. Setting up a routine and strictly following it is really important if you want to stay away from this depression. As said and known, the internet is very addictive. And so, unchecked usage of it can lead to many hours of just scrolling through the feed. Set a healthy screen time according to your activities. This time could vary from an hour to 4 but not more than that!

2- Limit News Channels

News tends to have a lasting effect on our minds. This is because it’s the actual reality! And it is due to this reason, that most healthcare professionals suggest not to watch news first thing in the morning. As mornings set the tone for the day. Unfortunately, this is something that we’re all guilty of. Scrolling through the news, first thing in the morning.

Try and avoid it and you’ll see how peaceful of a start awaits you! Your day will be better and filled with positive energy. It’ll only take a few days before it becomes a habit. A habit that’ll increase your productivity and creativity too.

3- Unfollow

Social media apps are strongly linked to depression. It is also the place that is least kept check of. It doesn’t require any intellectual skills or decency to let people ‘comment’. So everyone’s free to put up a post or type down whatever they please.

If you see a post or a tweet or just anything that troubles you or disrespects your culture or moral values, go ahead and tap that unfollow button. You don’t have to see it because you deserve better. And you yourself are in charge of your mental health. Also, try not to read people’s comments under a conflicting post. Because doing so can aggravate your mood and steer it towards negativity and anger. Follow the fun, informative, motivational pages and people. Follow those who bring positive vibes to you. As this should be a place where one comes to relax, and NOT depress oneself.

It is a leading cause of suicides in most countries. Cyberbullying has truly gotten out of hands. If you’re experiencing it, here are a few steps you can take in order to lessen it:
1- Just ignore it: Many bullies feel a sense of satisfaction when they receive backlash from their victims and so, enjoy it. Ignoring will discourage the bully and so he may stop.
2- Report it: Reporting is also beneficial as most apps take strict actions against cyberbullying.

3- See Life Unfiltered

Life’ displayed on the internet is very different from life in reality. People filter and only post the highs in their life and many even fake it. They do so because that’s what gets more views and rating. Yes, that’s what we want to see! And although we are aware of this game, constant viewing of just the highs trick our minds into believing that this is how life should be. Setting our ‘happy’ and ‘content’ standards bar real high. Now that the bar’s so high, anything that was supposed to be celebrated or make us happy isn’t giving us satisfaction anymore. And not having these simple little moments of happiness make us prone to falling prey to depression.
Take some time out of your busy routine and just focus on the little, important things in your life. Focus on your blessings. Show gratitude. Meditate.

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CyberBullying and How You Can Protect Yourself?

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