Confessing my love to him :)

Hey everyone
If you are reading this, yes youuu
Let me tell you these days I am really trying to avoid you or to forget you because I know you will never accept me
And there is nothing between us.
But I really cant avoid you i wait whole day for your just single reply and i know you came online and still you ignore my msg and thats totally ok i will give you space.

I will not force you for anything. I know you already try to be calm infront of me and thats really sweet of you.

If you are reading this let me  just say this once that I love you so much and I will never forget you even if someday we will stop talking but you will be alive in my heart forever i will never forget the beautiful moments we spend together I will never forget your lame jokes.
Even when you insult me like i know its in a fun way but i like that also i love everything related to you

You will be forever in my heart. I dont think so i can tell you this directly but I cant even hide my feelings so i am expressing it here i wish i could know whats in your heart

I wish i could know who is the lucky one who is in your heart I wish I could know your feelings but I can’t ask you that
But I really love you yesss youuuuu.

If you also have a confession or story to share do share it with us.
Regards, FamersOnline Team

Confessing my love to him :)

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