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Cleaning Can Help You Feel Relax

Cleaning is a routine chore that no one can run from. It can be as relaxing and calming to some people as it can be dreaded and stressful to others. This means it’s got two pretty extreme sides. And the choice is all yours! You can either stress yourself out by picking the dull, tiring side of it. Or, you can look at the bright side of it and tackle some health issues, while keeping others at bay!

Cleaning has many more benefits than just the place or things getting tidied up. The benefits are related to both our physical and mental health. Housework provides us a good amount of physical exercise while focusing our brain and also stimulating it to work creatively. It wouldn’t be a surprise for you to know that its actually included as an exercise in the treatment of anxiety.

The 3 main reasons why cleaning is so highly recommended by health professionals are as follows:

1- Burns Calories
Anyone who’s ever cleaned would agree, cleaning requires you to put in the WORK. Be it a light dusting, or a deep cleanse, we have to put in physical effort. It tires us out and leads to a reduction in calories. It’s just like moderate exercise and hence it’s great for our physical health.

2- Lower Stress Levels
Cleanliness is actually a part of human nature. It is something that we’re naturally drawn to.
Unclean spaces in general, make us uncomfortable. And it also raises stress levels and fatigue by constantly reminding us of the work (referring to the cleaning that we’ve yet to do!), that we have pending. This makes us restless and also negatively impacts all the other works that we’re doing.
So evidently, cleaning around and organizing helps greatly with reducing stress and anxiety.

3- Increases Productivity
Something that’s closely connected with reduced stress levels is an increase in productivity.
Studies show a direct relation of cleanliness and productivity. Distractions are the main cause of low productivity when we’re in a clean space, there’s nothing that distracts us. Hence, no hindrance and just work! Also, our mind is more active and willing to work in cleaner spaces.

4- Maintains Focus
When we’re cleaning, we develop a strong focus on it. Taking care that there are no streaks left, no dust, etc. Or even when organizing, our mind does not deviate from its path. This helps us forget all our worries for some time, breaking the chain of worries. Giving us that peace of mind, that our bodies have been longing for.
And often, when we think about the solutions of our problems after giving our minds some time off of them, we make better, more appropriate decisions.

5- Sense Of Accomplishment
When we finally clean an area, or arrange a book shelf, or de clutter a drawer, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and bliss whenever we see it. And we feel relieved. And proud of ourselves! This boosts our self-confidence too.

There are many more great benefits too. But these to me, are the main ones. So yes, as you can see, cleaning is totally worth your effort, time, and more.

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Cleaning Can Help You Feel Relax

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