Burnt Down My Husband’s Car To Ashes

I’m a terrible person really. But I don’t know if I am more terrible or my husband.

I have a loving husband and we’re happily married from about 5 years. I’ve been wanting to start a family from some time but my husband keeps saying that it’s not in our cards yet.

And the biggest reason why is that he’s been saving to buy his dream Porsche, and for once! He got it! And he was literally  the happiest person on earth.

I was relieved and felt really happy that he finally had the car he always dreamt of and now it’s time for my dreams to come true. But this wasn’t the case. He got so involved with the car and paid little to no attention to me. It was unreal. He cleaned it, polished it, took complete care of it and didn’t allow anyone (including me) to touch it.

Now, I’m telling you all this to make what’s coming forward, easier for you to understand.

2 weeks ago, someone came in at night and stole his car! We discovered it the following morning and on learning about it, my husband was devastated and cried like a baby for a good several hours. He took longer than I expected to get stable. 

We rushed to the police and filed a missing car complaint. They said they would “look” for it but a few days went by and no response. 10 days went by and we got a call. It was from the police. They said that they found his car burnt to ashes in the woods about a 100 miles from our house!!

Well, I here confess, It was me I was behind all this!! I couldn’t take it anymore. I had more than enough of that car caring over-obsession of his. I had never in my life seen anything like it! Ever since the car came into his life, everything and everyone else went out.

Now the car’s gone and I’m happy. He’s pretty heartbroken and grief-stricken right now but he’ll do just fine without it.

Burnt Down My Husband’s Car To Ashes

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