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Our life is filled with days and days with stories. Stories that we love to share. Stories of happiness, fun, confusion, sadness, betrayal, etc. Or stories that we’re willing to share just as to guide others through difficulties, or certain situations. Stories that have a lesson, a moral. Stories that benefit.

When we look back at our life, we see how so many stories go untold, unheard. We created FamersOnline to provide an easily accessible, user-friendly platform for these stories.

Other than stories, you are also free to post any confessions or advice that you may have. We often keep our secrets to ourself due to the fear of being judged, labelled, made fun of, or harsh reactions. But here, you’re safe from all this! You may even ask others for advice to cope with or just make yourself feel better. Hence, this is the ideal platform to let it all out. Also, you can read other peoples confessions just to realize how similar (and silly) we all are!

Become A Famer

Send in your stories or confessions to us and the world will read them!
Not only is this website completely free, but also doesn’t require any personal information that can land you in hot waters! You can make your own Famer account to interact with Famers. Or just read around the quality-content without an account.

Please read the guidelines before sending us your story. 

1. Please make sure you write at least 250 words story.
2. Do send us images as well with your story and make sure they are not watermarked.
3. You should include your story title and the category in which you want it to be published.
4.Your story should be original not plagiarized.
5. Make sure to double-check your story before sending it to us. 
6. Your story should not include abusive language.
7. Your story should not promote racism, bigotry, hatred, violence, pornography and gambling. 
8. Your story should not include personal numbers, email address and home address of anyone.
9. Your story should not include any third party links in it.
10. We receive lots of stories so it can take 1-2 working days before your story is published.
11. If you accept these guidelines then don’t hesitate to send us your story.


All writings regardless of categories must be free from abusive or explicit language, vulgarity, bullying, violence, etc. Any writing that has any of these will be altered by FamersOnline staff to meet with the guidelines or won’t be posted at all.

Story category Guidelines:

Horror: This category is allocated to all stories horror and mystery. Rarely (and not surely), we experience such incidents in which some of the most mysterious things happen, the answers or logics to which we never get. Or things that create a feeling of fear in us. If you send us a story, real or fictional, that is based on such a concept it will be published under this category. The story can feature supernatural ghosts, vampires, witches, or horror fictional characters, etc

Inspirational: Life is an amalgam of highs and lows. This category has stories that inspire, motivate, raises self-confidence and esteem. We’ve all been through some hard times, why not come together and share your stories so others may learn from it or at least know they’re not alone!

Teen: Teen, teen, teen.. the phase of life that knows no bounds. The part of life, filled with fun and misery alike. This is when we end up doing the most insane, craziest things ever! And thanks to these experiences, we get to feel the feelings of (and have stories of) happiness, excitement, sadness, love, gain, loss, anger, betrayal, etc. So send in your stories related, and share a laugh. All stories related to teenage will be found in here

Travelling: Traveling is a crucial part of our life. People travel for various reasons to various different places. People who travel more are known to have better exposure, understanding, and open-mindedness than others. It is often that people come across exciting facts or events that need to be written about. Be our guide! and tell us stories about your trips and how you did what you did. All travel related stories are to be found in this category. 

Humorous: The fun times in our life deserve to be shared and told off. Some people are blessed with natural humour that can brighten anyone’s day! So send us your stories and help in putting a smile on our reader’s face.

Confessions Category Guidelines:

 We all keep our secrets, a secret. Mostly, they are the things we’ve done on our own, or due to situations of helplessness, that we are embarrassed by. Fear of being judged, bullied, or made fun of, makes us bury them deep in. However, this isn’t always the best for our health! The content on FamersOnline is well regulated and kept a check on. So feel free (and safe) to send us your funny, solemn, dumb, confessions.

It must be noted that the confessions must be free of all content 18+. Free from abusive language, violence, bullying, Vulgar etc Otherwise, they won’t be posted or altered by Famers staff to fit into the website guidelines.

Daily Advice  Category Guidelines: 
Advice is something that we keep getting with, or without asking. It’s really annoying but we must admit that at times, we get some advice that really works for us! So If you have any advice or you think your opinion or experience could help someone then do submit it in our Daily Advice category. 

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