At the age of 38 I am still afraid of Thunderstorms

Hello, my name is Camille and I am 38 years old married, with 2 daughters. Ever since a kid I had been terrified by thunderstorms. Whenever it use to rain with thunderstorms I used to hide under my bed and cry. Ever since my childhood I never really was close to my mother or father. So I was never really able to share my fear with them. This fear of mine is still with me at the age of 38. Even though I am married and have 2 daughters of mine. Even today whenever there is a thunderstorm I still hide under my bed or just get inside my blanket. My husband has no idea about this fear of mine but because of this fear of mine we did had a few issues in our marriage life.

I have no idea how I will overcome this fear of mine. I do feel embarrassed that I am 38 years old and still afraid of thunderstorms. My confession here has made feel lighter but I will like every reader to pray for me.

At the age of 38 I am still afraid of Thunderstorms

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