An Anonymous death which scares the hell out of me

So here I am confessing about one of worst fear that literally scares me and that is an anonymous death. People are living with so many fears these days …. most of them are strange ones or unusual as of mine.

I am afraid of dying anonymously… like this is the only thing that is revolving in my mind these days. Most often I found myself thinking or imagining a situation that I got died very sudden sometimes by an accident or by some deadly illness or whatever that I couldn’t tell anyone about.

And then i start thinking about how would they come to know about my death like how would my family found me ..who would inform them … and my friends ,would they come to know to about my death or how long it would take everyone to be aware of my death …..and what about those to whom I contact rarely but they are part of life… i always feel that I am so worthless that even if I die someday my death would be so anonymous….. days and weeks and months later people would start getting wonder like “oo once there was a person, where he has gone”, and till then I will have gone so far ….this is something that hurts me inside and makes me depressed. I don’t wanna die unacknowledged … I want my close ones to keep a check on me and if I disappear Don’t take it as normal…

An Anonymous death which scares the hell out of me

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