An Unknown thing followed me in the dark alley

Hi, my name is Imran and I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. This story of mine took place about 9 years ago in 2010 when i was about 14 years old and this time Pakistan was struggling with electricity issues so we used to get a lot of major power outages during the day and especially at night.

So this happened on one night when I was coming back home from the academy well the academy wasn’t that far away from my home but it still used to take about 20 min to get home if m walking and I used to always walk back home.

I was coming back and like I told you about the electricity issues so it was all out and it was all black hardly I could see anyone. I was just 10 min far from my house when I heard a noise “TUC TUC” like someone was behind me but when I turned behind to see who was it and I couldn’t see anyone and I thought maybe my mind is playing games on me. But the sound it keeps on getting louder and I felt that there is someone behind me but again I couldn’t see anyone. I thought maybe one of my friends is pranking me so I started calling out my friends like hey guys yeah you got me I am scared so enough with this prank come out now etc but I didn’t get any reply and now I was literally scared to death.

I just said to myself its time to become a Ferrari and just run to your house and I started running and the sound also started getting louder and louder and suddenly I felt little pieces of stones hitting me on back of my head but I didn’t stop I kept running and finally reached home and felt like I just nearly escaped death and to this day I have no idea what it was or who was it.

An Unknown thing followed me in the dark alley

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