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An Online Video Chat Almost Got Me Killed

Hey, guys how are you all doing. I hope whoever reads this is in good health. Before I share this story of mine I just want you all to understand that where the internet has its pros it also has its cons and one should always know what information to give and what not to. So let’s start my story.

I won’t be using my real name for obvious reasons and will be publishing this story with “FamersOnline Staff name”

This story is almost 2 years back when I was 23 years old a fresh graduate. I did Bachelors in Computer Science and I was desperately looking for a job but unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to find any. So I decided I would try my hand at working from home maybe like a freelancer. So my days and nights comprised me of surfing the internet for any jobs I could get I was a big procrastinator so more often than not I’d stray away and waste time doing other things. Then one day I was just surfing around and found an online sort of social media site in which we could video chat with a stranger.

Though I had no idea about the website because I just saw it on the ads shown on a website. Well, I decided to try it. It was about 3 in the morning and I still don’t know why I was expecting something good out of it. I mean video chat with a total stranger isn’t something really fun and especially when its 3 am and you are living alone.

So finally when I went on the website and choose to video chat with a total stranger. I was a little surprised to see a girl. She already had her webcam switched on. She was a woman in her early 20s very beautiful and was looking really confident like she does this video chatting with strangers every day. I was a bit shocked that she wasn’t hesitating at all that I was looking at her and she couldn’t see me because I had not switched on my webcam. She insisted that I should switch on my webcam and I was saying yes I will give me a minute but in reality, I was just trying to ignore this request of her.

We started to introduce ourselves. I told her almost everything about myself except for the fact that I am unemployed and was looking for work before I ran into her on this site. After hardly 5 min of chat, she again started asking me to switch on my webcam. This time I could sense her anger from her voice and her face quite easily. Well, I was nervous but somehow I switched on my webcam. And the moment she saw me I knew that she could easily see the fear and nervousness on my face.

After just a casual conversation all of sudden, her lights went off and it was dark in her room and I couldn’t see anything. I guess hardly after 20 seconds her lights came back and I saw two guys wearing masks were standing behind her. I almost fall from my chair out of fear. She was talking like there is no one behind her and when I told her she was like “Na na there isn’t anyone here. And I saw those two guys grabbed her by the neck and they twisted it. This time I actually fall from my chair and I started to scream real hard. Again the lights were gone and it was too dark to see anything and again after 10-15 seconds lights came back on and I saw her smiling and saying why were you shouting. I just couldn’t understand what’s happening.

Without wasting much time I quickly closed the site and shut down my computer. I ran into my bed and just couldn’t understand what just happened. Even today I get chills in my body whenever I remember about that night. Hopefully, it will never with me or anyone else.

(Guys if you also have a confession or story to share do share it with us and Become a Famer)

An Online Video Chat Almost Got Me Killed

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