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Welcome to FamersOnline! An emerging, friendly, story-confessions website, created in 2018 by Shehryar Shaukat with the sole intention of providing a platform where people can have fun, learn tips and tricks, tell their stories, find out they’re not alone in many cases, and mainly, to have a voice!

We always see celebrities life stories everywhere on the internet. But only an itty-bitty portion of their lifestyle is relatable to us commoners. But this website provides an insight into our real world and its real people. We promote casual, unfiltered, real-life stories. Stories and confessions to which you can totally relate and even at times, learn from. And hopefully, in different ways, this platform will benefit both its writers and readers.

The Internet has turned our world into a “global village”.It has provided us with a lot of entertainment and connected us in a way that no one could’ve ever imagined. It is due to the presence of the internet that a lot of things have changed drastically, mostly for good. In this process of modernization, journalism and writing in general, the requirement of such sites arose and so did the talent around us. This site provides a safe platform where people can display their writings and come over to read some quality content.

The content is regulated and filtered for viewers safety and so, FamersOnline is 100% free from posts that promote violence or hate of any kind, as well as plagiarism.

If you have anything to ask or share related to anything you can contact us at Contactus@famersonline.com

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