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5 Relationship Killers and How You Can Avoid Them

5 Relationship Killers and How You Can Avoid Them

A Good relationship is probably the most beautiful, precious thing in the entire world. It provides people in love with warmth, trust, reliance, confidence, care, and all the other wonderful feelings and support. When two people start a relationship together, they are usually very happy and caring. But what often happens is that as time passes, the love and happiness isn’t as much as it used to be.

People start falling out of it, they argue more often, until one of them or both, decide to let go. Unfortunately, breakups are very common these days. We see a lot of people parting their ways due to various different reasons and after different durations.
There is no hard and fast rule as to why or when people break up but there are a few points that definitely play a crucial role in making or breaking a relationship.

  • Mistrust
    Trust is the foundation of every prosperous relationship. But once a person loses respect for the other, trust no longer remains in the relationship and with it leaving, comes in doubt, insecurity, misunderstanding, etc.

    All of these when in a relationship, cause great instability in it. People fall out of love due to mistrust. It often develops in the person who starts noticing some difference in the behaviour of the other and they start assuming things that may not be true and spoil their mood. To avoid this, start asking your partner about things that are troubling your peace instead of assuming.

    Try telling him what and who bothers you. If you’re the one being told by your partner that he isn’t at peace with you doing something, then just completely get rid of it or avoid it as much as you can. Also, show your partner that they’re the ones that matter the most to you. This makes them feel more secure and confident and hence avoiding many further issues.
    This leads us to our next most important aspect, that is, communication.
  • Miscommunication
    Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. You’ve probably heard this a number of times and it really is that important. However, a lot of people do not communicate when upset either because of ego or just because they don’t consider the effect that communication can have in solving issues. When you start communicating, you’ll be surprised by how many problems are so easily solved by it and that too, with such ease. Furthermore, fewer problems arise and so, brings stability in a relationship.
  • Lack of Self Confidence
    Having a healthy amount of self-confidence is also crucial for a successful and happy relationship. When a person is self-confident, they are very secure about themselves as they love themselves along with their flaws and hence, are much happier and satisfied. This naturally brings a whole lot of positivity and merriment in a relationship as they’re able to love their partner much better than if they weren’t self-confident.
  • High Expectations
    People often start expecting a lot more than they should be, from their partners and as a result, make it difficult for them and their own selves to enjoy the little things that strengthen their relationship and bring them closer. This is because relationships nowadays are so common that you have a lot of options.

    No one wants to compromise on anything and they look for perfection and expect it from their partner. You should have a shortlist of expectations rather than having low expectations. Try to compromise on things that don’t really affect your relationship adversely and look for your partner’s happiness and provide them with comfort as much as you can.

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