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5 Myths of Corona Virus (COVID-19) You Should Know

Here are a few myths and misconceptions that are cleared by renowned healthcare experts and provide us with proper knowledge about COVID-19 to help us make the right steps towards health and prosperity.

Myth 1- Coronavirus will go away in summer months.

  • No, it won’t. Coronavirus doesn’t die of heat as it is resistant to it and so, the temperature doesn’t really matter. There are countries like Philippines that are currently living summer months, however the virus still continues to spread.

Myth 2- Hand sanitizers are better than soaps.

  • Definitely not! Soaps do their job much more effectively as compared to sanitizers and this is because soaps have an ability to kill more germs and type of germs (like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, etc) than a sanitizer.

Myth 3- Drink lots of water (preferably warm) so that the Coronavirus slides from our throat into the stomach and is killed by the gastric acid.

  • False. The virus does enter through our nose or mouth but it resides in the host cell and hence, cannot be washed off of our throat. However, drinking lots of water will do wonders for your skin and body.

Myth 4- Eat foods that are rich in vitamin.

  • True! Vitamin enriched foods provide strength to our body and are essential nutrients. Along with other benefits, they significantly boost our immune system and so definitely aid in protecting our body from contracting the virus.

Myth 5- The Mortality rate is 3% and the fatality cases are predominantly older people.

  • True. The mortality rate estimated by WHO in March is 3.4% which isn’t that bad but the alarming point is that it is still increasing and we do not know to what point it will.
  • Older people often have poorer immune system than kids and adults and so fall prey to deaths caused by the virus. However, some deaths reported are of much younger people (as young as 20s) so everyone must take care of themselves and take precautionary measures so that they do not get it themselves and pass it to others.

It won’t stop spreading until we ourselves stop it by taking special care of cleanliness and properly sanitize not only our hands but also our surroundings and limit our outdoor trips and follow strictly social distancing techniques.

5 Myths of Corona Virus (COVID-19) You Should Know

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