2 Girls to choose from but which one should I chose

Hi, people on this website. I have a Confession/Question. I have 2 girls in my life to choose but I am confused which one should I chose. Let me start by giving a little intro about both.

One girl is really nice and kind we started meeting 2 weeks ago. So far she has been really kind and nice to me. She is a very strong independent girl. She doesn’t like to argue or even have any sort of ego issues. She is beautiful and she is like a whole package.

The other girls well she is completely opposite of her. And she said she is cheating on her current boyfriend with me. And once we are committed she will break up with him. I know you might be thinking about how dumb I am. And why it’s hard to choose. To be honest with you I know this one is totally crazy and will do nothing but piss me off. Once we start a relationship I know soon she will start cheating on me.

The problem is that I just love this psycho one. I am just drawn to her and I don’t know what to do. You guys don’t understand the anxiety I am feeling right now. It’s like I know what’s going to happen and yet still I am going through that road. Hopefully, I will get some sense into me. Till then goodbye to everyone who would read this.

2 Girls to choose from but which one should I chose

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