101 reasons why I love you best friend

101 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

101 reasons why I love you best friend. Well to be honest with you all I can easily write 365 reasons why I love my best friend. In today’s world where it may seem that we’ve so many people around us. But sometimes still we all feel lonely. And that’s exactly when a best friend comes in handy. A best friend is a need for everyone.

Following are the 101 reasons:

  • A best friend always understands me.
  • A best friend will always have your back
  • My best friend will make sure I’m not making any stupid decision
  • A best friend will always guide you best friend will never judge me
  • We both have our own private sort of language
  • There is never an ego between best friends
  • A best friend is like a family
  • Our bond is unbreakable
  • Even if fight we always end up making up
  • The trust I’ve in her is unmatched
  • She always handles my mood swings
  • I can call her no matter how many times I want
  • She gets upset if I’m upset
  • She is the kindest person ever
  • My best friend is an honest and trustworthy person
  • She will always motivate me
  • We’re too much loyal to each other
  • We don’t need to lie to each other
  • She would even take care of my children
  • We both hate the same people
  • She is always the first one to send me the best birthday texts
  • We both have pretty much the same goals
  • Even if we have different goals in a certain aspect of life we still support each other
  • She knows how to listen when I just need to take out my emotional frustration
  • She is an awesome role model for my kids
  • My life is so much better with you in it
  • She loves my parents like it’s her own
  • My bestie knows what’s better for even more than I do
  • She always gives these positive vibes
  • She is always there to protect me
  • Our relationship never feels one-sided
  • We don’t need to spend money to enjoy
  • We both can easily stay at home and enjoy
  • She clicks the best photos of me
  • We don’t need personal space
  • She always shares everything with me
  • We both are like one soul in two different bodies
  • Even if we don’t talk for days we still can pick up where we left
  • We’ve our set of codes and nicknames
  • We are protective of each other’s secrets
  • She will never leave me alone even if the world is against me
  • Your laugh is contagious
  • Meeting u or calling u takes away every tension of mine
  • You are kind and soft-hearted
  • You always look out for the people u love
  • She always try to boost up my confidence
  • We don’t have awkward feelings
  • We can never be jealous of each other
  • You come first even before my husband
  • You will never use my secrets against me
  • I don’t need to think much while talking to u
  • Not telling anyone excludes us from each other
  • You give me hope when I’ve lost every bit of it
  • You won’t expose my secrets to anyone
  • We take pride in each other’s accomplishments
  • We’ve our own inside jokes that nobody understands
  • You are always thinking about the betterment of me
  • One hug from you makes everything seems fine
  • I would have married you if you were a guy
  • We have got the same taste in movies
  • We love the same food
  • My family loved u as you’re their own daughter
  • You’ve all my ugly pictures and videos but I don’t feel upset
  • I know you will not use them against me
  • No matter how smart we are we’re still dumb when we’re together
  • Despite the busy schedule we still have time for each other
  • We can talk for hours send never get bored
  • Nothing makes us happier than seeing each other happy
  • You’re never more than a phone call away
I think I have given enough reasons. I would like to know why you love your best friend?

Even 101 reasons why I love you best friend seems quite less to me. Its because my best friend has done so much for me that I just can’t get enough of not loving her.

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101 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

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